Neutral Preset

This preset will add neutral black and orange colors to your photos and make the subject more highlighted. With the use this preset, you can achieve the black theme you want for your instagram feed. This is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor photos. Even though this preset is a kind of black tone, expect that the skin color of the subject will not be affected. If so, adjustment are highly recommended.

Take note that presets may not work with any kind of photos. We have to consider some matters like lighting, equipment used to capture the photo and even the place, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Here are the recommended adjustments for this preset: 
  • Contrast 
  • Highlights 
  • Shadows



(watch this if you want to follow the adjustments manually)

Create beautiful photos for yourself and your Instagram/VSCO/Blog/Snap/Pinterest! My presets are made to enhance your photos and get them to their most beautiful colors. One click editing makes it easy for you to edit you photos anywhere, anytime FAST! No more wasting time on playing with settings.

Build awesome images, and increase your impact on social media. Having an Instagram theme that is consistent helps you gain Instagram followers and grow your brand. Photo Editing Presets help you lift your social media profile to the next level. Whether your photos are fashion, flat lay, health, food or styled home pictures.

You can download this preset in .dng file format which is compatible with:
Adobe Lightroom CC (for mobile)
Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (for desktop)

In lightroom mobile, you can place the presets under the 'Preset' menu with preview images and without the .DNG copy-paste settings. (No need to have Adobe Subscription or computer only the free Lightroom App).

By using this preset in .DNG file format, you can easily color grade your photos in just one click. 


➭ This File is protected by a password.
➭ The Password is posted on the video (it will pop up on the upper right corner of your screen)

If you don't know how to download and use this preset, click here to see the full step-by-step tutorial.

All presets are pre-tested on different photos. Please see the before and after photos. Remember that all Lightroom presets work differently. Each of your beautiful photos is unique in terms of color, light, exposure, etc. Use this preset as the basis for your photos and adjust to your liking.

When presets doesn’t work perfectly to your photos, adjustments are necessary.



Note: Watch the video tutorial first to get the password.

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